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Leading Manufacturer for Roots-Style Superchargers

When it comes to building cutting-edge roots-style blowers, Littlefield Blowers has a history of being at the forefront of current technology. We offer a wide selection of superchargers that fit your price range and needs. Our standard roots blower is one of the most affordable superchargers on the market and an excellent choice for high-speed machines. Rather than compressing the air inside the supercharger, it works as an air pump in and of itself, compressing the inlet charge in the cylinders and the manifold.

We make our rotors in-house, so we have more control over their quality compared to other manufacturers. Our practice includes exercising unrivaled precision and expertise when building rotors and sealing edges. At the Littlefield shop, we build our rotors with the strongest aluminum alloy on the market. Our use of this high-grade 7075 alloy is an industry-first, and we are proud to set the precedent in our field.

Our Custom-Made Supercharger—LB-22 Series Blowers

Littlefield’s LB-22 blower is prevalent in the nostalgia nitro ranks and across widespread performance applications. The LB-22 blower provides a smoother airflow and superior air distribution by eliminating the support structures that disrupt ventilation.

The LB-22 Series is brand new in our product line of quality superchargers. Available in 6-71, 8-71, or 14-71 sizes with either hi-helix or standard billet rotors, these superchargers have a 2 ¼" inset of billet material with the absolute machine fit of inset bearing plate to the case—both front and rear. We use this method instead of using dowel pins because it enhances consistent bearing plate and rotor location.

The simple, efficient V-style design of our LB-22 blower makes it Littlefield’s most powerful and resilient model to date. The LB-22 has the best initial boost for low overdrive applications. It delivers Maximum CFM to the motor without adding extra heat. Our master machinists manufacture blowers from sizes 4-71, 6-71, 8-71, 10-71, or 14-71 and are ready to power your alcohol, gas, or fuel-driven engines.

With low discharge air temperatures, our blowers are aerodynamically enhanced to provide maximum rotor sealing and boost. As always, each roots blower is custom-manufactured with personal attention to each customer’s needs. Our supercharger features front discharge and will fit on most standard manifold locations, without the need for a setback plate, and an anodized aluminum case machined to exact tolerances.

We mold each of our superchargers to fit your specific needs. Littlefield prides itself on producing superchargers that will get you to the finish line first. If you would like more information on our roots-style blowers, get in touch with one of our specialists today.