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Roots Style Blowers / Superchargers

Littlefield Blowers takes pride in offering the public Roots-style blowers/superchargers that exceed all expectations. The Roots-style supercharger is the simplest of all blowers, making it the most affordable blower. It does not compress air inside the supercharger, instead, it is an air pump in and of itself. The compression of the inlet charge takes place in the cylinders and the manifold.

External compression blowers

Roots superchargers are called external compression blowers because the air compression takes place outside of the supercharger.

Roots type superchargers first made their debut in the automotive applications around the 30’s. The design was basic at first, but has since been developed over many years and has resulted in a highly refined product. Our product fits nicely on top of the motor that takes the air in. Then, it compresses it with your fuel to give you more horsepower. Our fully custom manufacturing is done for many applications and a wide range of sizes. Even as small as 471 for a motorcycle to a 1471 on top of a fuel dragster.

If you would like more information on our roots style superchargers, please get in touch with one of our teammates soon.