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Heavy Duty Crank Hub Accessory Pulley

At Littlefield Blowers we offer the best pulley and belt prices! V style pulleys are meant to hold a certain amount of V style belts. Our fully custom pulleys are used to turn the belt to turn the blower with ease.

Each pulley comes in 4 styles: 15mm, 15GT, 8mm, and 8GT. They come in a variety of billet aluminum quality materials, anodized or polished to your desire.

To boost adjustments to your blower, running larger or smaller drive pulleys can help. Smaller pulleys help run a blower faster for more boost, while larger pulleys help the blower run more slowly for less boost. It is also okay to perfectly run a larger blower on a small engine as long as the proper underdrive pulley is used.

If you would like more information on our accessory pulleys, please get in touch with one of our team members today!

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