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Our History

Drag racing, which started as a hobby for Mert Littlefield in the 1960s, became his legacy in 1974, when the young Nitro Funny Car driver focused his efforts toward founding a supercharger manufacturing company that would become a leader in the industry.

Mert strived to be on the forefront of supercharging technology as roots-type blowers went from 4-71- and 6-71-size standards not far removed from those developed by GMC for buses in the early 20th century to 8-71s, 10-71s, 12-71s, and 14-71s that have been continuously improved with hi-helix rotors, retro-fit openings, improved materials, and ever-tightening tolerances.

Today, Littlefield Blowers continues to prioritize its international customer base with stellar in-house service and a revamped website – Littlefield built the technology that propelled a fuel Funny Car to break into the 4-second zone in a quarter-mile and smash the longstanding 300 mile-per-hour barrier for the first time in history.

NHRA and IHRA champions, land speed record holders, and reputable tuners and engine builders from across the globe have looked to Mert Littlefield as the most trusted supercharger supplier for decades. His influence in the industry continues, even after his passing in 2010.

Besides establishing a quality product and renowned service department, Mert earned the appreciation of his customers for taking time with every individual regardless of whether they were a noted champion such as Dick LaHaie, Dale Armstrong, Joe Amato, Frank Manzo, Brad Anderson and Scotty Cannon or they were an aspiring racer or engine builder as he once was. His dedication to treating his customers with equal importance is a legacy ingrained in the DNA at Littlefield Blowers that the staff prides itself in carrying forward.

Our Vision

As a nationally-acclaimed drag racer and business owner with a reputation for living a rich, full life, and hitting the pedal without reservation, Mert’s racing roots run deep. Mert used his own racing equipment for research and development of new products, so he had an acute understanding of the desires and needs of his customers. He used what he learned on the track and in the shop to design Littlefield Blowers’ current line of products. Even in Mert’s absence, Littlefield Blowers honors his tradition of research, reinvention, and genuine passion for the performance racing community. Mert’s wife, Lee, and his longtime employees continue to champion his legacy by offering the best superchargers and blower drive products available for each customer’s application.