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Blower Drive Snouts from Billet Aluminum

Bullet Aluminum is used to make Blower Drive Snouts. Each one utilizes a double-ball bearing, along with premium oil seals. The shaft is made from 4100 steel that has been heat treated. These type of snouts are one of the strongest and most reliable snouts on the market. High performance snouts are designed and made to take on a beating on and off the track. They are tough and have proven they can stand up to the most demanding blower drive systems in the market.

Premium Snouts - Heavy Duty Bearings and Oil Seals

Littlefield Blowers’ snouts utilize a heavy duty C-3 bearing and heavy duty oil seals. A snout housing is crafted from aircraft billet aluminum. The main shaft is made from 4100 series heat treated steel. The 11/4” 48 spline of the main shaft connects to the blower gear. Our high quality snouts are designed to fit several kinds of applications. Littlefield Blowers snouts come in a variety of sizes. To find a snout that is right for you blower drive system, get in touch with one of our team members right away.