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Littlefield Unrivaled as One of the Best Manifold Manufacturers

At Littlefield Blowers, we proudly manufacture our own big block manifolds. Our industry-leading practices and processes have made us an unrivaled manifold manufacturer in the dragster industry.

Whether your sport is on the water or on the track—we’ve got you covered. We will help you with any type of high-performance machine, regardless of how many hundreds of existing sizes and designs flood the market. And if we don’t carry a part that meets your specifications in-house, we’ll find it for you at a competitive rate.

Honest pricing and exceptional customer service are two fundamentals of Littlefield’s mission, and we stand by our principles every time.

Big Block Manifolds for Enhanced Performance

Our big block manifolds go between the blower and the block. They designate the correct airflow path into the cylinder for enhanced performance. We polish or anodize them ourselves, with or without burst panels—and always custom to your needs. Manifolds are necessary because they connect the blower and the block, guiding the air into the correct pathway. In addition to a great product, we provide customer care you can’t find elsewhere. Because Littlefield Blowers is more than a business—it’s a way of life. Interested in talking manifolds? Get in touch with us today.