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Custom, Made-to-Order Superchargers, Blowers, Snouts, Pulleys, & Manifolds

Littlefield Blowers began with the acquisition of Blowers in 1974. Primarily, we serve people who race fast cars, people who have show cars, car aficionados, and the top fuel, alcohol dragster and drag boat market. Our expertise in these markets has been crucial to the development of cutting edge supercharging technology.

Our goal since has been to steadily increase the performance of the roots style supercharger, allowing it the be the best selection for any person in the racing industry.

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Our product fits nicely on top of the motor that takes the air in. Then, it compresses it with your fuel to give you more horsepower.

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Our fully custom pulleys are used to turn the belt to turn the blower with ease. Each pulley comes in 4 styles: 15mm, 15GT, 8mm, & 8GT.

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Our manifolds go beyond the blower and the block, they are what designates the correct air into the cylinders.

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High performance snouts are designed and made to take on a beating on and off the track.

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We carry a variety of heavy-duty and top performing Superchargers, Blowers, Pulleys, Snouts, & Manifolds

Our team is dedicated to introducing technology that not only complements the professional racing industry, but also to the street and marine enthusiasts. Our cutting edge UDA technology allows our line of hand-built superchargers, intake manifolds, pulleys, and components to offer each customer the best the industry has to offer.

  • Made-To-Order Custom Parts
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  • Competitive Pricing