From the 1960's his hobby was drag racing and from that Mert Littlefield has built one of the foremost supercharger manufacturing companies in the industry, founding Littlefield Superchargers in 1974. Now, 33 years later, the business has taken another step towards better serving their customers with the introduction of Littlefield Blowers.com

Our Technologies

Littlefield has brought a lot of ground breaking technology into the sport. He was one of the first to develop the 14-71 blower, and then went on to develop the 14-71 hi-helix supercharger. The hi-helix supercharger had a higher rate of rotor twist than other blowers, which meant that the unit could operate more efficiently at a higher rpm. Since older style superchargers became very inefficient beyond 8200 rpm, the hi-helix design surpassed that easily.

Our Location

1114 Kimberly, Anaheim, CA 92801